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Hi, my name is Melanie and I love to empower YOU to be your healthiest self!  To get your started, I want to give you my Daily Health Tracker for free! Just scroll to enter your name and email and request the details.

A little about me:  In November 2018 I had a STROKE and without my work as a part-time Coach that keeps me accountable to living my health by example, I'm sure I would have a much more difficult time recovering from this fluke event!   

Rather than ask "Why Me?" I am optimistic that my level of fitness and health at the time of the stroke are helping me to make a full recovery with my speech and sensation in my arm and leg.   

And my experience has made me that much more determined to help others live their healthiest lives by focusing on stress management, mindset matters and of course nutrition and fitness. 

I would be honored to gift you my free Health Tracker and share my best tips in your Inbox and invite you to join my Newsletter. 

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